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Key Person
Buy/Sell Funding
Sec 162 Bonus
Salary Continuation
Business Equity Transfer
Estate Tax Liquidity
Premium Finance
Lifetime Tax Strategy
Taxes, Risk and Fees
IUL Retirement Plan

...and many more!
Annuity Primer
Safe Money Contracts
Indexed Annuity
Withdrawal Guarantee
Retirement Questions
TSP Rollover
Simple 401k Plan
412e3 Pension Plan
Cash Balance Pension
401k Rollover

...and many more!
Company Health Plans
Split Funded Plans
Group Dental/Vision
Group Disability TLD
Payroll Deduction
Sec. 105 HRA
Sec. 79 Group Life
Voluntary Benefits
TeleMed Consultation

...and many more!
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"Only two days after introducing our agents to the WebPrez videos, two of our newer agents used the IUL video in their follow up with two business owners, and the result was over $50k in annual premium." - Shawn Parry
"The first video I sent by email was to a guy I had been trying to get to rollover his IRA for 3 months. After he vieweed the video, he emailed back to me that he'd do the deal on Monday . . . a $5k commission!" - Ray Ferro
"We have integrated WebPrez videos into all of our marketing, as well as our sales process, and they never fail to get the prospects attention." - Chuck Oliver
"The 2nd day my videos were online, two different people were surfing my website and watched them. Only one has turned into a sale, but that sale was a $270k annuity!" - Ray Adams
"I would just like to say 'Thank you' for the service your provide. I have written over $400k in annuities in the two weeks since adding your videos to my sales process." - Jason Bosley
"Your marketing materials are really on the cutting edge always . . . and improving periodically. The greatest and most useful marketing material I have ever used..." - Santiago Majam
"A couple in their mid 40's had been saving for retirement with IRA's and 401k's. They were skeptical of using life insurance as a savings vehicle, but after watching the Max Funded IUL video, the wife blurted out, 'How much can we put into this plan?!'" - Mike Sloan
I played my Max Funded IUL video on my iPhone at Starbucks. She ended up buying an IUL policy and an SPIA. These videos make it so easy to quickly explain the need for the solutions I provide. I walked out with two signed applications and $2800 in commissions. - Bob Young
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