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Key Person
Buy/Sell Funding
Sec 162 Bonus
Salary Continuation
Business Equity Transfer
Estate Tax Liquidity
Premium Finance
Lifetime Tax Strategy
Taxes, Risk and Fees
IUL Retirement Plan

...and many more!
Annuity Primer
Safe Money Contracts
Indexed Annuity
Withdrawal Guarantee
Retirement Questions
TSP Rollover
Simple 401k Plan
412e3 Pension Plan
Cash Balance Pension
401k Rollover

...and many more!
Company Health Plans
Split Funded Plans
Group Dental/Vision
Group Disability TLD
Payroll Deduction
Sec. 105 HRA
Sec. 79 Group Life
Voluntary Benefits
TeleMed Consultation

...and many more!
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"We have integrated WebPrez videos into all of our marketing, as well as our sales process, and they never fail to get the prospects attention."
Chuck Oliver, Strategic Thought Leader, CEO and Founder of The Hidden Wealth Solution
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"These videos make it so easy to quickly explain the need for the solutions I provide."
Bob Young, Tax and Insurance Renegade
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"I have written over $400k in annuities in the two weeks since adding your videos to my sales process."
Jason Bosley, Owner of Common Ground Insurance Group
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What are the best ways to use these videos?

WebPrez videos will play on any device with an internet connection, including phones and tablets, as well as laptops and desktops. So these are the 7 best ways to use these videos:

  1. You play the videos during all your face to face meetings.
  2. You send the videos to someone by email or text.
  3. You play the videos remotely while you talk with someone on the phone.
  4. You add the videos to your website.
  5. You insert the videos into your seminar presentations.
  6. You feature the videos in your advertising or marketing campaigns.
  7. You post the videos on your social media pages.

Is there anything I need to set up before I use these videos?

Nope, not at all. Because we set up your dashboard for you. You just tell us which videos you want to use, and we will activate them for you. Then we will show you how to play the videos from your dashboard, or simply copy and paste the videos into your email messages. And if you also want to add the videos to your website, we can show you how to copy and paste the embed codes into your website pages, or we can work directly with your website developer.

How do I show or send the videos to someone?

We give you two ways to play each video, and two ways to send each video.

To play a video for someone: you can login to your video dashboard and simply click the play button, or you can embed the videos on your website, and play them off your website.

To send a video to someone: you can copy ‘n paste the video text link, or copy ‘n paste the video image link from your dashboard into your own email or text message.

And when someone clicks on either one, the video will open in a player frame with your photo image, contact information, and business description. That’s all there is to it. It’s really just that simple.

What are the most popular Life Insurance videos?

  • Taxes, Risk & Fees
  • IUL Retirement Plan
  • IUL Hedging
  • IUL Reset
  • IUL Crediting
  • Safe Money Contracts
  • Section 162 Bonus Plan
  • Lifetime Benefits
  • Business Equity Transfer
  • Cash Value as Asset Class

What are the most popular Fixed Annuity videos?

  • Retirement Questions
  • Indexed Annuity
  • FIA Hedging
  • FIA Reset
  • FIA Crediting
  • Withdrawal Guarantee
  • Annuity Primer
  • 412e3 Pension Plan
  • IRA Rollover
  • RMD Conversion

What are the most popular Employee Benefit videos?

  • Small Company Options
  • Split Funded Health Plans
  • HSA with HDHP
  • Section 105 HRA
  • Group Dental & Vision
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • 401k Plan Rollover
  • Group LTD
  • Simple 401k Plan
  • Telemed Consultation


Are these videos FINRA compliant?

Because WebPrez is not qualified to be a member of FINRA, we are prohibited from directly submitting our videos to FINRA for compliance review. What’s more, our videos are specifically exempt from FINRA oversight because they do not cover any investment, equities or securities topics. However, numerous broker/dealer compliance departments have approved our videos, and we ARE compliant with the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) guidelines for advertising material.

What sort of results can I expect from using these videos?

One, you can expect viewers to respond to each video in three ways: they will ask questions . . . they will want more information . . . they will request a plan proposal.

Two, you can expect to sell more every month, because the videos use more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques to present financial solutions in the most psychologically engaging, informative and compelling way . . . in a way that has been proven up to 400% more effective than any written or verbal explanation - including those of even the most articulate and persuasive advisors.

Why do I need videos to sell?

According to the clinical research of communication experts, even the most articulate and eloquent advisors have a problem with their written or verbal explanations. The problem (according to the clinical research) is that our our clients and prospects do not understand or remember as much as 80% of what we ask them to read, and as much as 90% of what they hear us say! 80% to 90%! The problem isn’t with what we’re writing or saying. The problem is with the way people read and listen.

But when people watch a WebPrez video, they understand and remember as much as four times more than written words, and as much as eight times more than spoken words. Which means that even for the most articulate and eloquent advisors, WebPrez videos can be up to four times more effective than what people read, and up to eight times more effective than what they hear!

So immediately after watching a WebPrez video, even the most discerning viewers, like doctors, attorneys, engineers, and corporate executives, will respond to each video in three ways: they will ask questions . . . they will want more information . . . or they will request a plan proposal.

And by using WebPrez videos regularly, every time you meet with clients and prospects, you can expect to sell more every month. Because you can show people many different videos (on any mobile phone, tablet or laptop) that will explain financial solutions you think might interest them, or some information you want them to understand, in order to make a purchase decision.

What makes WebPrez videos better than other videos?

WebPrez Videos combine text, images and narration along with more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques to deliver the most neurologically and psychologically engaging, informative and compelling explanations . . . explanations that get even the most discerning people (like doctors, attorneys, engineers, and corporate executives) to ask questions . . . to want more information . . . or to request a plan proposal.

What are these scientifically proven communication techniques?

These 40 scientifically proven techniques fall into five categories of communication science:

  1. Semantic Networks - how the brain interprets cognition by association with data references
  2. Rhetorical Psychology - how our minds form rational and emotional thoughts from language
  3. Cognitive Fluency - how words, terms and phrases subconsciously affect behavior
  4. Subliminal Resonance - how our thoughts are influenced by unconscious perceptions, and
  5. Kinetic Typography - how synchronized text and narration improve comprehension
And all the techniques we use have been derived from the research and discoveries of communication experts and behavioral psychologists like:

  • Dr. Kerry Johnson . . . author of "Subliminal Selling"
  • Dr. Kevin Hogan . . . author of the "Psychology of Persuasion"
  • Dr. Robert Cialdini . . . author of "Influence: How and Why People Agree to Things"
  • Mr. Nick Kolenda . . . author of “Methods of Persuasion”
And you can take advantage of all these scientifically proven neuro and psycho linguistic communication techniques whenever you ask people to simply watch a WebPrez video, and allow the video to professionally explain the problem and the solution for you.

How does the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee work?

If you do not earn at least 10 times your monthly payment within the first 30 days of using our videos, you may call us to cancel your subscription, and we will immediately refund your entire payment back to your credit or debit card.
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